Q: Where are the VIP Days hosted?

A: During VIP Day Business Intensive you have the option for our team members to join you in your offices for the day. You also have the option have our team host you at our offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. If your team is remote or out of the country we will also host the day via a Zoom web conference.

Q: How many people can join our VIP DAY? A: We limit your VIP DAY to three members of your team.
Q: What's included in the VIP DAY Business Intensive? A: Our team will dive deep into your business days before your VIP DAY and uncover various opportunities to grow and scale your business using proven digital strategies. Your Digital Game Plan will be mapped out so you can take it back with your team and implement it yourself, hire a digital agency to execute the plan, or request our assistance in deploying it.

Before you claim your free strategy session understand that this is only for people serious about setting up their business for long term success. 


Our team is commitment and dedicated to investing eight hours of the day to dive into your business.  We will give you strategies that will generate millions over the lifetime of your company, if executed!


If you’re not ready for that please don’t apply, spots are limited.


We are so confident that we will give you our FIVE FIGURE GUARANTEE!


If we don't uncover at least five figures of new untapped revenue in the first two hours of your VIP DAY we will refund your fee 100% on the spot!