With today’s website design management systems almost anyone can design a website. Your wife’s cousin, the 15 year old kid down the street and even the phone book companies now offer to build websites. The problem is that 90% of the time a web designer does not build the site to be search engine friendly, meaning  your site will look nice and pretty but no one will be able to find it without knowing the name of it. Innvio | Design team creates websites specifically to the guidelines that best suits our search engine optimization techniques. So,  you’ll get a site that not only looks good but also one that can be found when someone is searching for the services you provide.

Innvio | Design understands you have options when it comes to website design. You may want to use your wife’s cousin or the kid down the street because they say they can do it for less but understand that less is not always more. There are often many problems and delays when you choose not to go with a top rated Website Design firm so Innvio | Design recommends that you follow these basic guidelines when choosing a firm.

Tips When Choosing a Web Designer

  • Register your own domain.
  • Host your own website.
  • Ask your designer to view their active portfolio of websites.
  • Get references, then call them!
  • Ask how long it will take for website completion.
  • Break up payments with final payment being at completion of site.
  • Get a signed agreement.
  • Ask what type of support they have.
  • Inquire about a CMS if you plan on doing a lot of updates to your site.