Proactive Reputation Management

Is your company relatively young? Do you need to gain some exposure for your business? Do you want to seem bigger than your competitors? Innvio can help you achieve exactly that. Reputation Management does not have to be reactive. With Innvio you can be proactive to gain market share on your competition. If you are the new company in an industry that has had players established for 20 plus years, that are running full page ads, TV commercials and posting billboards all over town, how are you to compete without spending all of your startup capital? Innvio will handle all of your online needs. The internet is one of the most efficient, lowest costing mediums a small business can use today. Imagine every time the “Big Guy in Town” searches the internet they see your company name across their screen three and four times in every industry related search. Your competitors will understand you are now a major player and your client volume will increase.

Reputation Management

GM, Toyota, Enron, and BP.  There is one thing that all these names have in common. They have all needed reputation management. Did you know that during the biggest oil spill in American history BP paid over $50 million dollars to search engines to try and protect their corporate image, better known as reputation management? You may be saying to yourself that your company is not as big as BP, but you can still face negative exposure that can have devastating effects on your business. Reputation management is one of the ways to protect your corporate image.  Are you aware that anyone with the knowledge and a computer can write or say negative things about your company?  Innvio services will ensure that you will be able to overcome any situation that you are currently in or any situation that you may encounter later on. Often we hear our clients say a good source of business is word of mouth. Innvio wants you to maintain that image with your customers and the community. Be assured that reputation management and protecting your corporate image is something that your company will need at some point. If you need reputation management for yourself or your business, contact one the Innvio Reputation Management Consultants.

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